Professional Acrylic Cutting Tools for Precision Custom Plastic Cutting

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The Benefits of Precision Acrylic Cutting Tools

Acrylic is an incredibly useful and versatile type of clear plastic material. Acrylic is commonly used in applications where glass would be used, but there is a need for the enhanced strength and durability that acrylic offers. Acrylic is also lighter than glass which allows it to be used in applications where weight is a concern.
Acrylic mirror discs offer a bright reflective finish that effectively mimics mirrored glass while also providing a tough protective backing. This type of material offers all of the advantages of mirrored glass with the added benefits of acrylic. In comparison to mirrored glass, mirrored acrylic is lightweight while also being shatter resistant.

In its raw form, acrylic is often manufactured in large sheets. These sheets are then cut using different tools and methods to create more useful shapes and objects. Professional acrylic cutting tools make it possible to cut acrylic in extremely precise measurements. Since acrylic is a form of plastic it can be susceptible to the effects of extreme heat. Precision acrylic cutting tools are designed to effectively cut acrylic while controlling the melting of the material. Tools that result in extreme pressure may crack the acrylic, but professional acrylic cutting tools make smooth, precise cuts that preserve the structural integrity of the material.


Types of Precision Acrylic Cutting Tools

There are different types of acrylic cutting tools to consider for your project whether it is a one-run prototype that is needed, or a full high volume production run. Common types of precision acrylic cutting tools include the following:

  • 3-Axis CNC Machining can be used for components ranging in size from .125” to 120”. This type of cutting offers extremely tight tolerances of +/- .005”.
  • 5-Axis CNC Machining can be used for exceptionally demanding projects with complex designs and extreme accuracy.
  • Mill and Lathe Machining can be used to create complex shapes with tight tolerances.
  • 3-Axis Laser Cutting provides the ability to make precision cuts on materials such as acrylic with a thickness of up to 1”. The latest CNC laser cutting technology offers outstanding precision with a cutting diameter of 0.005”. State-of-the art 400 lasers also provide the ability to polish acrylic to a polished edge after it has been cut. This can reduce costs by eliminating the need for any secondary polishing processes. 

The Plas-Tech Advantage


As a leader in custom plastic fabrication and distribution, Plas-Tech specializes in custom plastic component supply all across North America. Plas-Tech is dedicated to delivering consistent quality products using state-of-the-art, high-powered plastic laser cutters and CNC machines.

In addition to high-tech machining and laser cutting equipment, Plas-Tech offers a team of experienced and talented design professionals. These professionals have the skills necessary to turn your ideas and drawings into the manufactured parts that you need.


Plas-Tech is proud to offer two distinct types of plastic laser cutting processes to serve all client needs. The Vector Cutting/Vaporization process is used for clean cutting and marking of materials. The Etching and Part Marking process is used to gently melt the surface of the material.

Trust Plas-Tech for all of your custom laser cutting and plastic fabrication needs; discover the benefits of the most high-tech acrylic cutting tools available today.